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With our two new writers on board, we set sail into the choppy waters known as “polywobbles”. Anyone who’s explored polyamory will probably have experienced times when they were unsure … Continue reading

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Relationships with Metamours

As with last month, the chosen topic for June is a bit similar to a subject we have covered previously on Poly Means Many. In August 2012, we discussed non-lovers … Continue reading

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What being poly has taught me

This month, the Poly Means Many bloggers have chosen to discuss what being poly has taught them. It may be nothing – it may be everything. Having polyamorous relationships can … Continue reading

February 10, 2014 · 1 Comment

Fear of Missing Out

This month’s topic is the fear of missing out – otherwise known as FOMO – and the related emotion of loneliness. Some our writers have tackled different aspects of this … Continue reading

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How to deal with the bad stuff

This month, we’re dealing with a very tricky topic indeed. We’ve been putting it off for a while, because it never seems like a good time, but finally we feel … Continue reading

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New Relationship Energy

The topic that the Poly Means Many bloggers have chosen to begin 2013 is new relationship energy (NRE). This is a term that originated in the 80s to describe “a … Continue reading

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Coping with loss

September’s subject is not as happy and shiny as many of them. Let’s face it, much as we’d like them to be, relationships are not filled with happiness and joy … Continue reading

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Our topic for July is one that is relevant to us all. Not just the Poly Means Many bloggers and their non-monogamous friends, but pretty much everyone reading this. If … Continue reading

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Our topic for March was the the emotion that non-monogamous people probably get asked about most often. The feeling that many people think they couldn’t overcome. The reason so many … Continue reading

March 7, 2012 · 1 Comment