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Coming Out

20141118_133912Do the people you work with know that you are poly? Do your family know? How about your wider friendship group? Chances are that every poly person will answer yes to a different combination of those than the next poly person. The answers might not be a simple yes/no either as all our lives are complex and different. This month, some of the Poly Means Many bloggers share their stories about being or coming out (or not). As always, if you would like to add to the discussion, consider writing a response post. If you let us know about it, we’ll add a link.

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A group blogging project called Poly Means Many - a name which was inspired by our varied views and also the definition of the word polyamory.

2 Comments on “Coming Out

  1. Cookie
    December 2, 2014

    I wrote a response post here:


    • Poly Means Many
      March 29, 2015

      Thanks so much for that post, Cookie. It’s great to get another perspective on what can be a tricky topic. Sorry it’s taken so long to update this post with a link to it. I’m somewhat behind on site admin! Lori x

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