Poly Means Many

a group blogging project on the subject of polyamory

Preparing to return…

65593557_caad136dd5_zNow that our summer break is coming to a close, we’re heading back with a few more line-up changes to announce. ALBJ and The Boy With The Inked Skin have chosen not to return from hiatus and we are sorry to see them go. However, they are being replaced with two new additions to the team.

Alyss Abyss and fearlessknits will be joining us from September, so don’t forget to follow them and us on Twitter: @AlyssAbyssUK, @fearlessknits and @PolyMeansMany. The PMM About page has been updated with their bios.

About Poly Means Many

A group blogging project called Poly Means Many - a name which was inspired by our varied views and also the definition of the word polyamory.

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