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Response Posts

keyboard3Have you ever wanted to write at length on one of the topics we’ve covered? Have you ever wanted to add something to a topic that you feel our writers have missed out? If so, then now’s your chance! This month we’ve introduced a new aspect to Poly Means Many and we’ve called it response posts. The way it works is quite simple – once the links to the PMM Bloggers’ posts on a topic are added to polymeansmany.com, readers are invited to publish a response post on their own blog. This way, any topic we have already covered is then opened up to further discussion. Response posts should mention Poly Means Many, and link back to the particular topic they are addressing so that readers can see what it is a response to.

Response post URLs can be sent to us via Twitter or email and the PMM team will then decide which, if any, to include on the site. Once a decision has been made, links to selected responses will be included in the relevant month’s post. You can write about this month’s topic, or any of the themes we’ve written about since we started, back in February 2012. We hope to include your voice here soon.

About Poly Means Many

A group blogging project called Poly Means Many - a name which was inspired by our varied views and also the definition of the word polyamory.

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